Getting Around Long Beach

Shuttle Service
If you are traveling to Long Beach and need transportation to get to your hotel or other destination, there are plenty of services available to get you there. Many of the airports and hotels provide their own shuttles to pick up guests from the airport to local hotels. You can also find many entertainment destinations in the area that also provide shuttle service for customers and guests.

Car Rental
When you want the freedom to travel around Long Beach and the Los Angeles area on your own schedule then consider renting a car at any of the rental car agencies around town. You can find rental car agencies at the airports as well as a number of the larger hotels. Renting a car gives you the ability to get the size and style of vehicle you need, whether it is a compact car to save on fuel or a shuttle bus for all your friends.

If you are not so worried about having your own vehicle to get around town and just want to be able to get from one place to another in Long Beach then consider taking a taxicab. Long Beach offers a number of taxicab companies that can provide you with a quick, efficient ride so you can enjoy your time in the city. Whether you need picked up at your hotel or at your home, taxicabs can get you to your destination.

Long Beach Public Transit
When you want to travel around Long Beach and visit all the activities and attractions in town, you can save money by taking the Long Beach public transit. The city of Long Beach operates transit buses that provide bus stops throughout town, allowing you to ride to within a few steps of your destination. Riding the public bus will also save you from having to find parking spaces and worrying about the cost of fuel.

Long Beach Airport
If you are traveling to Long Beach from across the state or across the country, the quickest way to get to the city is by plane. The Long Beach Airport offers a convenient way to get to town and is not as crowded as Los Angeles International airport. The airport serves several of the major airlines and provides shuttle service and taxicabs to its' guests to get you to your hotel or destination when you arrive.